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Vinyl Lettering Application Instructions

Items needed:
3/4 in. Masking Tape
Plastic (not rubber) Squeegee
Spray Bottle w/water Containing One Drop of Dish Soap Mixed into an 18 oz. Spray Bottle
Measuring Tape
Grease Pencil


Step 1

Begin by insuring the surface has been cleaned and prepared properly. Using a measuring tape measure the total distance of the surface vinyl is to be applied to. Divide the distance by 2 to determine the center point. Using your grease pencil mark this location on the glass. Next, determine the height placement and mark that placement. Using the masking tape secure the vinyl letters to the surface as image depicts below.

Step 1 Installing Vinyl Lettering

Step 2

Now apply a single piece of masking tape along the entire top length of the vinyl as depicted below.

Step 2 Installing Vinyl Lettering

Step 3

Firmly pull the lettering taut from the bottom and lift the bottom edge away from the glass and cut the lettering in half. If your vinyl application is wider than 24 inches you will need to divide the piece in thirds or more. Now using the scissors cut up to the top as depicted below.

Step 3 Installing Vinyl Lettering

Step 3b

Your vinyl lettering application should now resemble the picture below.

Step 3b Installing Vinyl Lettering

Step 4

Beginning with the left side separate the application mask (see through top layer of vinyl application) and firmly grab and hold the application backing (thick solid white sheet) and lift and separate the backing and discard to the ground as depicted below, being careful to not allow the mask to touch the surface all the while keeping a taught grasp.

Step 4 Installing Vinyl Lettering

Step 5 (Not On Porous Surfaces)

With the spray bottle in one hand, lift the vinyl up and away from the surface and spray a light fine mist of water/soap solution on the surface to which the vinyl will be applied as depicted below.

Step 5 Installing Vinyl Lettering

Step 6

Carefully place the vinyl onto the surface. Do not be overly concerned if a bubble or crease appears at this point.

Step 6 Installing Vinyl Lettering

Step 7

Now hold the right side of the application up and away from surface and begin using the squeegee with slight pressure to help apply the adhesive and to smooth out any imperfections. Because you sprayed a liquid lubricant on the surface this will allow for any bubbles or imperfections to be easily removed from the application.

Step 9 Installing Vinyl Lettering

Step 8

Repeat Step 7 on the right side or next stage of your application until it looks like the image below.

Step 10 Installing Vinyl Lettering

Step 9

Starting at the top left of you installation, carefully separate the application mask from the surface, all the while making sure your vinyl letters to not lift and separate from the surface. If they begin to lift, simply re-squeeqee the surface to remove any excess water solution.

Step 13 Installing Vinyl Lettering


Carefully inspect your installation for bubbles and imperfections. If you have a bubble that can not be easily removed with the squeegee, use needle or thumb tack and poke a tiny hole in the bubble. This will allow you squeegee out any air and flatten the bubble. Below is a completed installation.

Step 14 Installing Vinyl Lettering